Great Works Regional Land Trust protects forests, farms, and water quality in Southern Maine. Over the past 35 years, our grassroots nonprofit organization has worked to conserve 7,000 acres of significant land, offering 18 public preserves and counting with trails for vigorous hikes or gentle strolls. When using our trails please observe our Property Guidelines.

Great Works Regional Land Trust preserves sit on the traditional ancestral homeland of the Abenaki and Pennacook Peoples of the Wabanaki Confederacy. We acknowledge and honor with gratitude the lands, waterways, flora, fauna, and the Alnôbak (people) who have stewarded these lands throughout generations. We recognize that every member of our six towns has, and continues to benefit from, the use and occupation of this land. Consistent with our deeper values of community, inclusion, and diversity, we have a responsibility to acknowledge and make visible GWRLT’s relationship to the Native peoples. It is vitally important that we not only recognize the history of the land on which we stand, but also, we recognize that there are Native people in Maine and the wider Wabanaki homeland today, and that their story has continued for more than 12,000 years.

Beach Plum Farm Preserve

610 Main St, Ogunquit. The last remaining saltwater farm in Ogunquit and home to community gardens and the offices of Great Works Regional Land Trust. Half-mile scenic loop trail with a view to the dunes and the ocean. Bird watchers will not be disappointed. Dogs not allowed. EASY


Payeur Preserve

Spring Hill Road, Ogunquit. Discover a double stone wall on this 1-mile loop trail through 34 acres of forests, past wetland meadows and vernal pools. Trailhead adjacent to Ogunquit Dog Park, near the Transfer Station. EASY


Kimball Farm North Preserve

323 Berwick Rd, Ogunquit. Discover a double stone wall on this 1-mile loop trail through 34 acres of forests, past wetland meadows and vernal pools. Trailhead adjacent to Ogunquit Dog Park, near the Transfer Station. EASY


Kenyon Hill Preserve

110 Ogunquit Rd, South Berwick. This hilly 108-acre preserve has many surprises along the 1-mile loop trail: dramatic ledges, verdant wetlands, blueberry patches, and more than one old foundation. MODERATE


Tatnic Woods Preserve

2460 Tatnic Rd, Wells. 69 wooded acres, rich in vernal pools, with one mile of trails. EASY to MODERATE




Orris Falls Conservation Area

100 Thurrell Rd or 551 Emery’s Bridge Rd, South Berwick. 187 acres with over 2.5 miles of trails. Look for beaver wetlands, the gorge of Orris Falls, and Balancing Rock, a glacial erratic. MODERATE to DIFFICULT


Negutaquet Conservation Area

219 Lebanon Rd, North Berwick. 100 acres, 1.5 miles of trails through mixed habitat. MODERATE





Grants Meadow at Beaver Dam Heath

Diamond Hill Rd, Berwick/North Berwick line. 145 acres, 3/4 mile loop trail through woods. EASY


Grover-Herrick Preserve

West 5th St, North Berwick. 50 wooded acres, 1-mile loop trail to Bauneg Beg Pond. EASY to MODERATE



Bauneg Beg Mountain Conservation Area

281 Fox Farm Hill Rd, North Berwick. 89 acres, 2 miles of trails, bald mountain top with a view to White Mountains, ocean. MODERATE-DIFFICULT



Keay Brook Preserve

251 Hubbard Rd, Berwick. 86 acres on the Salmon Falls River and Keay Brook, 1-mile loop trail. EASY



Newichawannock Woods Preserve

76 Rte 236, Berwick. With 80 acres of mixed forest, this newest preserve has a 1-mile loop trail to the Salmon Falls River. EASY DIFFICULTY.




Desrochers Memorial Forest

Town Forest Road, South Berwick. 135 acres adjoining South Berwick Town Forest, with a half-mile trail to the Great Works River. MODERATE



Rocky Hills Preserve

Punkintown Rd, South Berwick. 200 acres with trails connecting to York Pond and Bartlett Mill Pond through Eliot Town Forest and Maine IF&W lands. MODERATE.
There is parking for two or three cars at top of hill where the historic Old Punkintown Road takes off to the right, crosses a small stream and becomes an impassable woods road.


Savage Wildlife Preserve

15 Dover-Eliot Rd, South Berwick/Eliot. 26 acres with a 3/4 mile loop trail through diverse habitat to the Salmon Falls River. Dogs not allowed. EASY



Goodwin Forest

870 Goodwin Road (Rte 101), Eliot. 74 forested acres with a 1-mile “out and back” trail along Old Johnson Lane and a loop along Shorey’s Brook. Future plans include a crossing over Shorey’s Brook and more trails. MODERATE (some short, steep spots)


Douglas Memorial Woods

Parking at 1412 State Rd, Eliot. 22 acres, level, 3/4 mile loop trail through wetlands (over bog bridging) and a pine plantation. Tends to be wet most of the year and bog bridging may be slippery. Wear boots! Enjoy the StoryWalk®.


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