Land StewardsHip

When GWRLT agrees to protect land, either by owning it or by holding a conservation easement, we promise to take care of that land over the long term. We do this through consistent, capable stewardship in perpetuity.

Our guiding principles for stewarding our lands includes taking actions that are within our reach to protect and improve water quality in rivers, streams, ponds, and vernal pools; the health of forested lands; and the condition of working farms and farm soils.

Easement Holders

Properties with Conservation Easements are still privately owned, but a qualified entity ‘Holds’ the easement. The ‘Holder’ of an easement is charged with assuring the terms of the easement are followed. Conservation Easements stay with the Deed of a property forever, regardless of who owns the land.

GWRLT, as a qualified entity, holds many Conservation Easements in the six communities we serve. Working in partnership with landowners, stewardship staff sees that the terms of the Easement are upheld.

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