Vernal Pool Community Science Challenge

Spring 2022

Join the Great Works Regional Land Trust (GWRLT) and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) to be part of an important citizen science effort while exploring local conserved lands. Build connections with a local land trust, research institution, project scientists, and other teachers, while bringing a new STEM opportunity to your classroom. Students will hear directly from project scientists about why vernal pools matter and how they can help us all better understand how climate change is impacting them. GMRI generated curriculum resources will support students as they prepare to collect critical data. GWRLT staff and volunteers will support classrooms to get out in the field and explore local vernal pools.

What: A Vernal Pool Community Science Challenge
Who: Classrooms in Marshwood, Noble, and Wells School Districts
Where: At a GWRLT property near your school
When: This Spring! The vernal pool citizen science blitz will get you and your students collecting and contributing data in April or May.
How: A virtual teacher prep workshop will happen after school in late winter to prepare you for implementation in your classroom. Participating teachers will receive a $100 stipend for your time participating in professional learning sessions and planning for classroom implementation.

Email and with any questions.

Project Protocol

What grade-levels can participate?
We are looking for 5-8th grade students, but if you are a high school teacher and are interested in this opportunity, please contact us.
How much time will this take?
Teachers are asked to join for two short after school meet ups to prepare to support students in this citizen science effort. Implementation in the classroom will be approximately 6 lessons with opportunities to streamline or expand depending on what works in your classroom.
Are there funds to help pay for transportation?
We do not have money to cover buses to get to local field sites. If this is a barrier to your participation, please let us know.
Who are the project scientists?
Hamish Greig, University of Maine
Aram Calhoun, University of Maine
Where can I learn about other citizen science opportunities?
Who is GMRI?
Who is GWRLT?

Please help spread the word, if you know of other teachers that would be interested in a project like this, please share this with them.

Resources on Vernal Pools

Free GWRLT Handouts

Fairy Shrimp Worksheet

Caddisfly Worksheet

GWRLT Videos on Vernal Pools

Fary Shrimp:

Wood Frog Eggs:

Of Pools and People

A website all about VERNAL POOLS for the people of the glaciated Northeast and Midwest providing resources on: ecology, identification, regulation, and strategies for conservation developed from evidence- based science.

Of Pools and People

Your local land trust in the Berwicks, Eliot, Ogunquit & Wells