What is Land Conservation?

Great Work Regional Land Trust works to conserve land for natural resource protection, recreation, and farmland preservation. We believe in the importance of maintaining open space, creating space to recreate, and preserving farmland to produce local food.

To “conserve” something, you protect it from being damaged or destroyed. In the case of land conservation, the goal is to safeguard the land. Whether it be open fields, forests, waterways, or prime agricultural soils. Land Trusts provide a practical and permanent conservation solution where land is protected from extensive development and important natural resources are saved.

The creation of Land Trusts gave landowners a new set of options for permanently conserving their properties. GWRLT has used these options to help many individual landowners meet their conservation desires for their properties.

Different goals may exist for land conservation, from protecting the scenic value of a property to protecting endangered species, but it is always beneficial to preserve natural spaces for future generations.

GWRLT conserves land in two ways: as landowners or as Easement Holders on privately owned land.

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