Keay Brook Preserve

251 Hubbard Rd, Berwick, ME 03901 | Parking Coordinates: Lat: 43.307, Long: -70.900

Keay Brook is an 86-acre preserve that abuts the sensitive Keay Brook fresh water estuary and the Salmon Falls River. This confluence creates productive bird habitat for species such as the Eastern Towhee and Belted King Fisher. A 1 mile trail loops through the preserve and follows an old road bed to a historical bridge crossing. Look for significant beaver activity along the dynamic riparian area of the Salmon Falls River.

Conserved in 2015, this parcel abuts the Tuckahoe Preserve, the parcels comprise the 217-acre Salmon Falls Conservation Area. Keay Brook Preserve features 3,700 feet of frontage along the Salmon Falls River and contains 1925 feet of Keay Brook, including its confluence with the Salmon Falls River. The historic Walnut Grove Road, which now dead ends at the river, originally spanned the Salmon Falls and lead to the Walnut Grove Church on Salmon Falls Road in Rochester, NH. The granite and mixed-stone abutments and rusting steel superstructure remain. Maine Natural Resources Conservation Program project. Terrain: Flat. EASY

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