Grants Meadow at Beaver Dam Heath

Verdant ferns line the hiking trail of Grants Meadow at Beaver Dam Heath.

Verdant ferns line the edges of the Heath Trail.

Diamond Hill Rd, North Berwick, ME 03906 | Parking coordinates: Lat: 43.308, Long: -70.797

Grants Meadow is a 178-acre preserve with a 0.5 mile loop trail that runs along the edge of Beaver Dam Heath. First conserved in 2007, Grants Meadow at Beaver Dam Heath ushered in Berwick’s first public hiking trail. While recreation is a wonderful part of the upside of this preserve, its conservation value is perhaps its most important characteristic. Identified as not only an area of concern to GWRLT but the State of Maine, Grants Meadow at Beaver Dam Heath hosts an array of species. These species include several rare and/or threatened plants; Wiegand’s sedge, Eastern joe-pye weed, and Button sedge; as well as the rare and threatened Spotted and Blandings turtles. Moreover, the Heath is home to a glacial esker and a stand of rare White Atlantic Cedar. Hawk sightings and coyote tracks are often seen on the Heath, though it is only accessible in the winter months. Terrain: flat. EASY

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