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Integrating Native Plants into your Landscape, Practical Considerations with Native Haunts: Community Webinar

Join us for a free, community-wide webinar brought to you by the South Berwick Conservation Commission, hosted by Great Works Regional Land Trust, and featuring Shawn Jalbert of Native Haunts.

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It’s almost spring and we’ve all got a hankering to get back into our gardens. Instead of grabbing the same old plants off the garden center shelves, consider going the native route. Native trees, shrubs, and perennials support an enormous amount of biodiversity and provide a bevy of other services we take for granted. Just because a plant is labeled “native” doesn’t guarantee it’s safe for pollinators or an effective ecological fit. We will discuss the importance of planting with a diversity of species, preserving and encouraging the natives we already have growing around us, the benefits of the “right plant in the right place” principle, and how to source plants that provide the best ecological fit. Gardening with native plants is an important ecological investment we can’t afford to miss.

Shawn started his business, Native Haunts, over twenty years ago to make native plants more readily accessible to the general public. He specializes in growing and sourcing exceptional native plants; locally grown from seed, regionally adapted, organically grown when possible, and having a tight ecological fit to the pollinators and other organisms that depend on them. Shawn has a long list of natural sciences related work and volunteer experience including wetland delineation, environmental consulting, rare plant monitoring for the Native Plant Trust, Steward of the Harvey Butler Rhododendron Sanctuary in Springvale, and current board member of the Three Rivers Land Trust.

Join the Webinar Here!



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