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Marshwood Adult Education Hike: The Beavers of Orris Falls Conservation Area

Join Great Works Regional Land Trust, Marshwood Adult Education, and Paul Dest (Maine Master Naturalist and Executive Director of the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm) as we continue to explore the amazing role Castor canadensis, the American beaver, continues to play in shaping our landscape. We will hike through the rolling trails of Orris Falls—one of the best places in York County to see beaver dams, lodges, and activity—to view and discuss several beaver dams, lodges, and the curious behavior of beavers.

This walk is scheduled to increase the chances of hearing, and potentially seeing, a beaver on the surface of the pond. Beavers are mainly nocturnal, making the best time to hear or see them at dawn and dusk when they emerge from their lodges. The walk to the pond will be in daylight, the walk out after dusk, so flashlights/headlamps are required—please email daniel.maxton@gwrlt.org if you will need to borrow one.

The workshop is limited to 25 participants and will be located at Orris Falls Conservation Area (Parking at 551 Emery’s Bridge Rd), South Berwick, ME. Reservations required.

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Terrain: hilly with some steep sections.MODERATE to DIFFICULT Trail Map



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