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Annual Meeting, Featuring Keynote Speaker Enock Glidden & Northeast Passage: April 1st 2023

March 22, 2023

We are very excited to announce that our Annual Members’ Meeting will be held April 1st at the North Berwick Community Center. This meeting is not only a terrific opportunity to meet with your fellow members and enjoy a traditional potluck together, but it is the forum for you to have your voice heard and vote counted in the business of GWRLT. The members’ business agenda includes the President’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, Nominations for the Board of Directors, and brief project updates on the Salmon Falls Tidal Waters and Bauneg Beg South Peak land acquisition projects. After the business meeting concludes, doors open to the general public featuring a keynote presentation by Enock Glidden and a reception with Northeast Passage of UNH and some of their adaptive equipment rental fleet.

Enock is a local athlete, adventurer and advocate for others with disabilities. His motto, “if you try, things happen,” exemplifies a spirit and drive we imagine our community will find familiar. Growing up near Baxter State Park with Spina Bifida, Enock has always had a strong connection to the outdoors, striking a healthy blend of peace and challenge in his pursuits. As an athlete, he maintains an impressive CV – having climbed the Zodiac route of El Capitan in Yosemite and as a member of the Maine Adaptive ski racing team among others. Currently, his sights are set on a summit of Mt. Rainier, but this objective is far from the limit of his vision. As an advocate, Enock is an Accessibility Ambassador with Maine Trail Finder, providing trail assessments and notes on accessibility through his unique philosophy. Subsequently, his work is intricately tied to conservation and the role land trusts play in the future of accessibility. In discussion with Great Works Regional Land Trust Enock noted,

“I have seen a major movement over the past 2 years that I have been involved with many land trusts. They are now approaching trail building and land development from the standpoint of accessibility. There have been a large number of accessible trail projects started or completed and many more are planned for the future.”

Welcoming all to experience our unique landscape firsthand is an integral aspect of our work. As a land trust, Great Works Regional Land Trust has the opportunity to learn how, through our conservation mission, we can increase our positive impact for members of communities often excluded from outdoor experiences. Speaking to the current state of inclusion in the local outdoor recreation community, Enock continued,

“I think there is a better understanding that the outdoors should be for all people. There are a lot of grassroots efforts to reach out to all communities in order to facilitate more access to the outdoors. I have been a part of many conversations around this topic from the perspective of people with disabilities but also other communities.”

We are extremely excited to hear more about Enock’s philosophy of accessibility and thoughts on the critical role land trusts play in our communities. We hope to inspire a rich dialogue across our community and as such, a short Q & A with Enock will follow his presentation. A reception with Northeast Passage will wrap up our evening by 8:30pm. For more details visit our Annual Meeting event page here.

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