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Become a pledge partner!

April 12, 2022


At Great Works Regional Land Trust, our mission is to protect our region’s natural, historic, agricultural, forestry, scenic, and recreational resources. We advance our mission by working with landowners to provide conservation options to protect land in perpetuity and continuing to steward those lands and provide recreation and educational opportunities where appropriate.

As a member supported nonprofit organization, GWRLT relies on our community to help us address the growing conservation needs in our region. Protecting land in perpetuity is an important part of ensuring our families, friends, neighbors, and future generations have access to clean air and water, especially as Maine’s population and tourism industry continue to grow and land prices continue to soar. 

To help us do this, we are asking that you consider pledging a monthly donation to GWRLT. This type of ongoing support through monthly donations keeps GWRLT moving forward. Monthly donations create a steady, reliable base for our small but mighty team to do our work seeking out the next big conservation success, caring for our forests, wetlands, and watersheds, and building and maintaining trails for everyone to enjoy forever, all while providing important environmental education opportunities. 

In our world, donations are not always predictable. Recurring donations are especially valuable because they provide stability as a reliable source of income that help us plan ahead for the year, knowing that we can take on important projects and sustain our work throughout the year. 

Please consider renewing as a monthly supporter of GWRLT.

Benefits include:

  • Automatic membership renewal
  • An exclusive pledge partner gift when you pledge $15/month (or $180/year) (orange beanie picture above)
  • A GWRLT decal or sticker
  • 10% off GWRLT merchandise
  • GWRLT Newsletter mailed to you, three times per year
  • Special event & program invitations
  • Free participation in most GWRLT guided hikes and other programs
  • Invitation to participate in GWRLT’s
  • Annual Meeting, with an opportunity to vote on land trust matters, including board appointments, bylaw changes, and other changes
  • Being part of a really special, supportive community!

To begin your monthly membership and become a pledge partner today click the “monthly” section of the donation schedule and select the amount you would like to give.

Become a Pledge Partner Today!

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