Volunteer Gerry Desilets

We met Gerry Desilets when he showed up for a vernal pool hike in Tatnic Woods in the spring of 2006, recently retired and eager to help. In the two years since he has become a volunteer extraordinaire, always ready to pitch in when needed – whether it is trail work or the spring auction or newsletter mailings – and a stalwart of our outdoor volunteer cadre. Stewardship Coordinator Darrell DeTour has given him the title of Volunteer Steward for the Orris Falls Conservation Area, as he checks up on things there a couple of times a week, it being only a short walk through the woods from his home in South Berwick. This past winter saw him wading through deep snow to mark the boundaries of two recently acquired parcels there. 

Also a community volunteer, Gerry is a driver for the South Berwick Volunteer Network, volunteers his help to put up and take down all the American flags in South Berwick on each special occasion, helps out one day a week in the kitchen at the Senior Center and leads an annual excursion for the Seniors to Orris Falls and Balancing Rock.

He grew up in South Berwick, as did his wife, Vicki, who is Social Services Director for the Town of South Berwick. They have one son, Chad, who lives in North Berwick. Having worked 33 years for Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the last 26 years one of two specialists who interpreted x-rays taken of nuclear submarines (requiring frequent long distance travel), Gerry is happy to take shorter trips in area woods. After living in the village of South Berwick most of his life, he realized his dream in 2000 when the family moved to a new home located on 32 acres of woods. Gerry’s favorite pastime is “working” his land with his dog, Maggie, at his side.

A very modest guy, a hard worker and easy to work with, his contribution to Great Works Regional Land Trust is substantial. Thank you, Gerry.