Volunteer Yearly Overview

See how the volunteer year evolves: outreach, stewardship, event, and administrative needs.


February: newsletter mailing early in the month; newsletter distribution; poster distribution for Spring Auction; Annual Meeting: often a potluck, help is needed with setup;

March: Spring Auction 2nd Saturday

April: trail work, cleanup

May: trail work, clean up

June: Mailing party for the summer newsletter early in the month; newsletter distribution; June 6th, National Trails Day (trail work); volunteers at the South Berwick Strawberry Festival - hulling and booth help


August: Farm-to-Chef - 1st Sunday - help needed with setup, cleanup, parking, serving; Mill Field Festival booth in mid-month; Reception before the show at Hackmatack Playhouse, Aug. 22, 2012 - help needed coordinating and setting up, serving and cleaning up;

September: newsletter mailing late in the month, Eliot Festival booth last Saturday

October: Lead a hike, help out on a hike; Annual Fund mailing party

November: Lead a hike, help out on a hike