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Great Works Regional Land Trust is offering cordwood that was "cut with conservation in mind" from our own properties.
Free delivery is available to all six towns served by Great Works Regional Land Trust.
You may pay here, but call Bob Eger at 207-475-6730 to place your order.

Cord of firewood, delivered, seasoned: $310

Cord of firewood, delivered, unseasoned: $250 


Pack Basket with GWRLT Logo

Our NEW pack basket. Perfect for picnicking at the beach or as a reusable bag for grocery shopping. This bag features multiple handle options as well as a cover. It also has a built in frame to help support whatever it is carrying.


Sizes and colors:

Gray with a white logo


Beanie with GWRLT Logo

Our NEW Great Works beanie. Very stylish.


One size fits all. Navy with white logo.



Reduce the use of plastic and paper bags and help support Great Works Regional Land Trust at the same time.

Colorful Chico® bags proudly display the GWRLT logo and fold up in their own tiny bag to be stashed in a purse or hooked to a loop with their own mini caribiner.  Bags can hold up to 40 lbs. of groceries.

(only the mango color is still available)


Fleece Jackets with GWRLT Logo

Our NEW lightweight fleece jackets are a great additional insulation layer as the weather gets colder. They feature the Great Works logo on the left side, subtly highlighting our organization.


Sizes and colors:

Men's S,M,L,XL in Pearl Gray, Navy

Women's S,M,L,XL in Royal Blue, Amethyst Purple


Hat with GWRLT Logo

Show your support for Great Works and land conservation with this subtle and functional cap.



History of a Maine "Little River"

History of a Maine "Little River" (2015)
by Joseph W. Hardy

Joe Hardy's new book focuses on the Merriland River and the 11 mills that once operated on the river. The Wells author explains how these mills, their employees and the families who lived along the Merriland River shaped the town for 300 years. Signed by the author.

Price:  $20.00


Settlement & Abandonment On Tatnic Hill

Settlement & Abandonment On Tatnic Hill
An Eclectic History of Wells, Maine 1600-1900
by Joseph W. Hardy

While offering the history of one small Maine community, Settlement & Abandonment on Tatnic Hill addresses broader themes and events in the history of the town of Wells and surrounding communities, all against a backdrop of pivotal events in American history. Signed by the author.

Price:   $20.00


Forest Trees of Maine

Forest Trees of Maine: Centennial Edition - 1908 to 2008
A century after it was first published, Forest Trees of Maine remains an outstanding resource for people who want to learn more about the Maine Woods.  The slim volume was first released in 1908 by what was then called the Maine Forestry Department. It was an immediate hit. New editions of the booklet have appeared about every seven years. To commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Forest Trees of Maine, the Maine Forest Service recently released an expanded 14th edition. It offers a wealth of information about trees and woody shrubs that grow in the state (and in much of the Northeast and the Maritime Provinces of Canada.)

Price:  $15.00


Placenames of South Berwick

The Placenames of South Berwick

Price:   $18.95


Balancing Rock Pewter Ornament

Celebrate Great Works and the holidays with this stunning pewter ornament, featuring our very own Balancing Rock, located in the Orris Falls Conservation Area. This ornament, released in 2014, is the fourth in a series commissioned by the Friends of the South Berwick Library.