Tatnic Woods

Tatnic Woods projects include 3 parcels, owned by GWRLT, totaling 69 acres in an area of Wells and South Berwick especially rich in vernal pools. Access to the properties is from Tatnic Road. Two more properties, privately owned, have conservation easements on them, protecting a large portion of the land (79 acres) in this area bordered by Boyd’s Corner Road, Tatnic Road and Tufts Road.

44. Tatnic Woods, Wells  (02/2002)  Fee
A 15-acre parcel of heavily cut-over woods was donated by Pike Industries as part of a mitigation plan for expansion of their quarry in Wells. This parcel is off of Tatnic Road and contains several vernal pools.

59. Tatnic Woods II, Wells  (12/2004)  Fee
The purchase of 27 acres on Tatnic Road within the Tatnic focus area of Mt. Agamenticus. This parcel abuts the Land Trust’s acquisition #44. Purchased with Mt. A to the Sea funds.

66. Tatnic Woods III, Onion, Wells  (03/2006)  Easement
A conservation easement on 6 acres on Tatnic Road donated by Fritz and Susan Onion. The parcel contains their home with fields and woods. The eased land abuts the Tatnic Woods block, bringing the contiguous protected acreage to 48 to date.

67. Schoolhouse Field, Hardy/Schleiderer, Wells  (04/2006)  Easement
A conservation easement on 4 acres purchased at bargain sale from Joe Hardy and Alice Schleiderer. The easement is an open field and abuts our Tatnic Woods I and II.

72. Tatnic Woods IV, South Berwick  (10/06)  Fee
27 acres with frontage on Boyd’s Corner Road in the center of IF&W’s documented turtle habitat for Blandings and Spotted turtles. The property contains several vernal pools, wetlands, and trails. This property connects with 4 other conserved properties (#s 44, 59, 66, and 67) bringing the total of contiguous protected land to 79 acres. This was a Mt. A to the Sea project.