Orris Falls Conservation Area

Including Orris Falls, Tatnic Ledges and Balancing Rock.

30. Orris Falls I, South Berwick  (07/1999)  Fee
The purchase of 98 acres in the Tatnic Hills region, next to Spring Hill, including an active heron rookery (11 nests in '99) and Orris Falls, a local landmark and mentioned in Sarah Orne Jewett's writings. Purchased from JMG Corporation, this property provides the core of the 127-acre Orris Falls Conservation Area. With a right-of-way from Thurrell Road.

32. Orris Falls II, South Berwick  (03/2000)  Fee
A 14-acre wooded parcel  in the Tatnic region off of Thurrell Road in South Berwick donated by the Neal Family. This parcel is contiguous with the 98-acre Orris Falls parcel and includes the “Big Bump” a rock outcrop on the top of a hill with views along a powerline ROW.

37. Orris Falls III (Lachance), South Berwick  (08/2001)  Fee
Added 15 acres of “inholding” to go along with the 98-acre Orris Falls parcel and the 10-acre Neal parcel. This parcel contains nice woods, part of the “ Big Bump” and several acres of wetland backed up by the beaver dam. Purchased with Mt. A. Challenge funds.

69. Balancing Rock, South Berwick  (08/2006)  Fee
The purchase of 25 acres with a right-of-way from Emery’s Bridge Road, including Balancing Rock and a portion of Spring Hill Cliffs (Tatnic Ledges) – both in South Berwick Resource Protection. This was a Mt. A to the Sea project.

80. Tatnic Ledges, South Berwick  (10/2007)  Fee
The purchase of 15 acres connecting  Balancing Rock and Orris Falls parcels and re-establishing public access across this traditional path. The purchase includes the remaining portion of Spring Hill cliffs and a portion of the wetlands surrounding the beaver ponds.

86. Orris Falls VI, (Mathews), South Berwick  (04/2009) Fee
15 acres of wet grassland and forest at the base of Orris Falls purchased with help from MtA2C and abutting other conservation land.