Tatnic Hill Projects

The Tatnic Hill projects include conservation easements on 3 parcels of land owned by the Hardy family on Tatnic Hill in Wells. Joe Hardy published in 2008 a fascinating history of the area, titled Settlement and Abandonment on Tatnic Hill.

2. Tatnic Hill I, Wells  (11/1987)  Easement
An easement on 16 acres comprising the summit of Tatnic Hill off of Hill Road, donated by Joe Hardy & Alice Schleiderer. The easement allows for forestry and agricultural uses. No residential development.

13. Tatnic Hill II, Wells (02/1995)  Easement
A conservation easement covering 67 acres of woodland around the top of Tatnic Hill and abutting the easement donated in 1987. Purpose is to keep the land open and available for forestry uses. Donated by Joseph Hardy & Alice Schleiderer.

14. Tatnic Hill III, Wells  (02/1995)  Easement
A conservation easement covering 90 acres of woodland abutting the above parcel. Purpose is to keep the land open and available for forestry uses. Donated by William Hardy.

46. Tatnic Hill IV, Wells  (08/2002)  Fee
Purchase of 12 acres of woodland on the east side of Tatnic Hill abutting the easements by Joe Hardy and Alice Schliederer, from Cedric Allen of Ogunquit. The land was purchased by his grandfather after he returned from the Civil War.  This conservation purchase was accomplished with Mt Agamenticus Challenge funds.

50. Tatnic Hill V, Wells  (01/2003)  Fee
Purchased 19 acres from a developer (4 houselots) to protect Tatnic Brook off of Tatnic Road, using money from the Mt. Agamenticus Challenge. This parcel abuts the Hardy easements (Tatnic Hill I, II, & III) and is one parcel away from the Allen purchase (Tatnic IV).

82. Tatnic Hill VI, Millie’s Woods / Bragdon, Wells  (01/2008)  Fee

Officially named Millie’s Woods by GWRLT as requested by Dorothy Bragdon in honor of her mother-in-law, this 45-acre parcel was a MtA2C project.