Salmon Falls River, South Berwick (05/2007) Fee

75. Salmon Falls River, South Berwick  (05/2007)  Fee
A donation of one acre of land on the Salmon Falls River estuary at the junction with Quamphegan Brook, by the Green Family. This parcel has a woods road right-of-way access and 700 feet of river frontage.

Green Family Donation on the Salmon Falls River

On the south side of the confluence of Quamphegan Brook with the Salmon Falls River estuary is a small knob of land – an acre parcel to be precise. Not all parcels need be large to have an impact on open space values.

Its 700 feet of river frontage overlooks the flood plain of the brook and the mud flats of the river.

Its intertidal zone is constantly battling the forces of an incoming tide with the power of gravity-fed fresh water flowing from the Rocky Hills. A small trickle in summer, it can be a raging torrent in the spring storms (as we have experienced the past two years). At times of high flow, the water carries sediments and nutrients from the upland areas, making these mud flats a rich environment for clam and mudworm species at the bottom of the estuarine food chain.

The marshy brook provides shelter for fry fish, fair game for striped bass and herons. The tall pines of the upland shorefront on this parcel provide roosting spots for kingfishers and bald eagles.

This parcel adds to the increasing matrix of protected shorefront along the Salmon Falls estuary, complementing the protection efforts made over the years on the New Hampshire side. These conserved lands help protect water quality by limiting development along the shorefront which could feed pollutants into the water. They provide important habitat for wildlife from smelts to seals and ducks to osprey. They also enhance recreational experiences along the river for our species.