Payne Homestead, South Berwick (08/2006) Fee

70. Payne Homestead, South Berwick  (08/2006)  Fee
The bargain sale purchase of 9.1 acres on the Punkintown Road in South Berwick across from our Rocky Hills property. This was a Mt. A to the Sea project.

from newsletter Fall 2006: 

Acquisition in Punkintown

On a trek up the Punkintown Road from Route 236 one enters a realm where civilization does not reign. Though man has clearly left his mark on the landscape in the surface quarries that dot the hillside, nature has reestablished her command of the daily rhythms. The Trust has been working to conserve the landscape around York Pond for 18 years. This past summer a 9-acre parcel was added to the 583 contiguous acres of conservation holdings around York Pond. This parcel sits across the Punkintown Road from the Trust’s “Rocky Hills” parcel and is adjacent to the town of South Berwick’s 8-acre holding. It is also at the upper part of the Bartlett Mill Pond watershed which helps protect the heron rookery from the intrusion of human disturbance via the busy Route 236 corridor. The parcel contains two valuable vernal pools in a hardwood forest bustling with wildlife. Owner Robert Payne, an avid outdoorsman, wanted to see the land conserved because his family had originally settled on this property. A stone will soon be erected on the property, recognizing the family’s connection to this land.